Uncle Bob

Code Hoarders

Have you ever watched an episode of Hoarders, or a documentary about a hoarder? Shows like this were popular a few years back. They showcased...more.

Dance you Imps!

There are several tools out there that promise to bridge the divide between objects and relational tables. Many of these tools are of high quality,...more.

FP Basics E3

Do all the Rules Change?

Whenever we start to use a new paradigm, we confront the problem of our old rules and our old habits....more.

FP Basics E2

Why’s it called Functional?

In the previous episode I told you what all the functional programming hubbub is all about. Remember: Referential Transparency and the...more.

Brave New Year

This is going to be one of those annoying, rambling, touchy-feely, new-years blogs. You know the kind. One that tries to make you think about...more.

FP Basics E1

What’s Functional Programming all about?

By now you’ve almost certainly heard of functional programming. I mean, how could you miss it? Everybody’s talking about it....more.

Three Paradigms

In the last 40 years computer hardware technology has increased the computing power of our machines by well over twenty orders of magnitude. We now...more.


In the United States, in 1920, the manufacture, sale, and importation of alcoholic beverages was prohibited by a constitutional amendment. That amendment was repealed thirteen...more.


I got an interesting email yesterday. It contained the following paragraph describing an email he had sent to his co-workers about a refactoring he had...more.