Functional-ish Ruby

In a [recent Apprentice Blog of the Week](, Alex Hill detailed one way that we can apply common Ruby patterns to our Clojure code. I’ve...more.

Testing Recursion

A short post to start the new year. Let's imagine that you are building an application that requires the application of a specific algorithm, but...more.

The Ruby Colored Box

I recently read a "blog": about a guy who had a bad interview. The blog was well written and pretty funny. He metaphorically described the...more.

Announcing Limelight

I’m pleased to announce the open source Limelight project: A thin client and application framework written in Ruby (JRuby). Check it out at {%...more.

Rinda 101

When building a software system composed of multiple decoupled components, the need typically arises for interprocess coordination and communication. As an example, say that we...more.

Ruby DSL Blocks

There’s a common pattern I’ve seen for developing DSL in Ruby. It’s used in RSpec, the Statemachine Gem, and Unclebob’s Clean Code talk at RailsConf...more.