Monogamous TDD

When a blog begins like this...

"Test-first fundamentalism is like abstinence-only sex ed: An unrealistic, ineffective morality campaign for self-loathing and shaming."


Code Hoarders

Have you ever watched an episode of


, or a documentary about a hoarder? Shows like this were popular a few years back. They showcased...more.

Why Frameworks?

Frameworks are about efficiency and effectiveness. They save you time. By forcing common conventions, a framework helps solve common issues like view rendering, asset...more.


In the United States, in 1920, the manufacture, sale, and importation of alcoholic beverages was prohibited by a constitutional amendment. That amendment was repealed thirteen...more.


I got an interesting email yesterday. It contained the following paragraph describing an email he had sent to his co-workers about a refactoring he had...more.