Paul Pagel

Fixed Feature

Time and materials vs. fixed bid is the classic duo of billing models in software services business. Time and materials puts all the pressure on...more.

Out of Controller

In the beginning of using rails it was amazing at how fast everything was compared to my previous java web experiences. I could finally run...more.

Pair Fridays

8th Light has always had an open door policy towards developers. When anyone has asked to come hang out at 8th Light offices, we don’t...more.

Peer Pressure

One of the famous studies on peer pressure was the Stanford prison experiment, conducted by a team of researchers led by then Psychology professor Philip...more.


Often times while writing meta programming code, I am using the eval function and doing manipulation on method/class/variable names. Today I needed to un–Rubify a...more.

Pair Me Up

I am a better pair than solo developer. For me, software is a collaborative art from the start of a project to the end. Starting...more.

Ruby and Human Compilers

In Paul Graham’s Book, Hackers and Painters, he talks about patterns and Human Compilers. I started to think about how some traditional Object-Oriented patterns are...more.

Self Shunt

The self-shunt method of testing has been conflicting for me. Self-shunt is a good testing pattern to test observers/views. A colleague of mine has started...more.


Pre–factoring is when you see a piece of code which the story you are working on which has a re–factorings which would make your story...more.

Over Mocking

I’ve noticed using more mocks lately. Instead of using them sparingly for controlling services which are not instrumental to what I am testing, I’m essentially...more.

Fresh Testing

Sometimes I sit down to write a test on something I haven’t worked on before or don’t know intimately, and I just can’t write the...more.